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Postby Tina » 28 Sep 2006, 03:50

you truley are the king of kings

Rating: *****
Submitted by Ted - May 2003
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Postby Tina » 28 Sep 2006, 03:59

Once...upon...a...death! That's how this book started; how can you not be intrigued with a beginning like that. Mr Herbert like a fine wine gets better with age. I've read several of his novels and this is one of his top five. It makes me see the world around me in a different light. We as humans always wondered if we are alone in the universe. We are not even alone on the great blue sphere called Earth. Keep your eyes open to the possibility of faerefolkis,undines, elves, brownies, evildoers, witches and succubus to name a few. You don't believe in such things, read Once and you surely will.

Rating: *****
Submitted by Richard Sharp - May 2003
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Postby Starchild » 29 Sep 2006, 06:01

Once upon atime there was a brilliant writer...... and one day i started to read his books, his name James Herbert, and this book is definately great. Faeries and goblins and all kindsa creepies delicious. if ya liked the magic cottage then youll like this one too.
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Postby MM » 05 Oct 2006, 05:53

I absolutely loved this book, not quite as good as magic cottage though..loved the pics in it
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Postby BASSI » 22 Dec 2006, 20:51

it did take me while to get into book, but when i did, it was one the best book ever made
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